Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Exhausted - But Finally Home!!!

And after I left Sylvia put up the trims and towel bars after Len cut one to fit the space.  Next is the backsplash, new rug and shower curtain.  Next time I'm there it'll be WOW like!!!!

Gosh it took me 6.25 hrs from Dryden to here.  Except for maybe half hour delay due to reduced speeds in construction zones which was really good considering it's been tonnes worse weekends, the rest was city congestion from the Mint to dntn.  This was due to a blockage on Fermor due to a bad accident this morning - was finally opened up 5:00ish.  I've not heard the details and feel for those involved.

Now will try to relax and figure out what I do now that I'm home again!!!

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