Sunday, May 21, 2017

Aurora Gathering

Enjoying the day with the Aurora Quilters group at Sobeys Community Room earlier today.  Gosh I truly missed the potluck monthly gatherings.

See we previously met upstairs in the River Heights Com Ctr but it lacked space and plug ins - so we brought our own lunches basically and some didn't bother carting up sewing machines etc.

But this place is awesome, easy access, new and we'll equipped kitchen for our potluck lunches with stipulation food had to be purchased from the store.  OK by me and most of the other gals too!  So a couple brought their machines and six others did handwork this first time - to check it out - but probably more will do such too.  The sliding doors closed us off from the store but many peaked through the windows at us and the rooms speakers were turned off too so we weren't bothered by announcements.  It was awesome to have our assortment of dishes and cleanup was a must too.  The only thing lacking was serving bowls - not a biggie but in future individuals buying salads will need to bring their own mixing bowls and salad tongs etc.

Sorry I totally forgot to get pictures of us at the various sewing projects before breaking for lunch and again afterwards.

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