Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Feeling Accomplished!

What do you do when the hired carpenter isn't able to come and do the desired work?  Well you do it yourself by removing the small cabinet that was way too high over the toilet, removing the trim, adding braces to the back so it can be lowered onto the wallboard and hung back up with Len and my help holding it while Sylvia anchored it in place.  Then you go out and buy ready made cabinets and make them fit!!!!  Yep that's what Len told Sylvia to do and we promptly left to purchase bathroom towel cabinets (yes 2) and assembled them with some minor carpentry by Sylvia and we made them to fit the cubby hole.  So now she can sorta put her bathroom back to order.  Just some additional shelving cut to fit the double deep cupboard we made, 2 towel bars to be hung and trim put back and VOILA it'll be fixed up!!!!

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