Friday, May 19, 2017

Feeling Accomplished!

I had a good day but too long before I finally got home.  It started out early getting a new hair do, afternoon dropping the car off for an oil change and estimate of what new tires will cost me soon, and visiting Angela to pass the time by.  Then off to Costco to drop off a new reduced BP prescription but left as the wait was too long and I was tired already - tomorrow pickup.

Then home to do a printing fabric job for Pat before tackling the middle section of the VW camping wall hanger.  It took another 3 hrs cutting and bonding pieces together to look good.  I think doing regular quilting with pattern instructions is lots easier but this free for all is awesome seeing the picture come about.  Hopefully tomorrow evening I can bond the foreground together and then it'll be the embellishing and then the assembly and finally the quilting.  At least I'll be at my sister's for that time frame so if I'm lost and need some advice it'll be easier than over the phone.  LOL!!!

Yesterday's bonding of upper section. 
Tonight's bonding of middle section.
Closeup of layers.

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muskaan said...

This is going to be beautiful ! Superb layers and choices.