Monday, May 15, 2017

Out Walking!!!

What a lovely day for our Prairie Pathfinders walk through Kildonan and McBeth Parks this morning with both Edna and Michele.  Even though it was a good bit longer than Michele prefers we all did it even though a might pooped and overdressed.  Time for capris and tees!!!

Then the three of us went to Baba Keys Ukrainian Restaurant just up the street for borscht and I had the grilled kolbassa with my rye bread.  YUMMY but sorry I think The Oakwood Cafe has better borscht!!!   After dropping off Michele, Edna and I checked out Sports Chex at Northgate as they are closing Sunday and had some good deals on walking stuff for us.  We didn't go crazy.  Just got one tee for each of us and I got a pair of knee length shorts and a walking fitbit clip that's compatible with smartphones and PCs.   Will see as once summer gear time comes I've no pocket for my phone and the waist pocket is too small for it - don't want to carry my larger bag either.

Now packing up my sewing stuff, dropping it off at home before visiting with Jacqui to show her my finished 'O Canada' hanger before I need to hand it in.  Then tomorrow back home for awhile until the next trip somewhere some when!!!!  😉

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