Friday, May 12, 2017

Break from Quilting!

I just spent a lovely but brief afternoon with Michelle chatting and checking out my projects.  Then we had afternoon tea with awesome dainties I picked up at Sobeys and talk about delicious!!!!!  We shared a black forrest cheesecake and a mango mouse and each had a shortbread mouse topped with a kiwi slice!!!!  I also had some watermelon and pineapple bites too.  NOW I think why didn't I take a picture of our desserts!!!!  They weren't only pretty to look at - that's why there were three desserts cause I couldn't decide on one - they were also so yummy tooooo!!!

We then relaxed and tatted some with Michelle showing me her next scrappy yarn afghan in whites greys blacks and a bit of bright colours thrown in.  So pretty that I can't wait to see it finished.   She's using up all her leftover balls from various projects - all different and together so very lovely!!!

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