Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Oh Canada!

Naturally I've had to put a few of my projects on hold as time is running away on me and still enjoying life.  LOL!!!

OK I'm so happy things are moving along faster than I thought on my OH Canada project.  Now that I've sewn up the top sonnet than I thought - I hope I can assemble the hanger and quilt it tomorrow.  If all goes well I should have this finished Friday.  I hope all goes fine!!!

Then onto a commissioned piece needed for June.  I've the design and fabrics together - just need to get to work on it.


Jane McLellan said...

Beautiful! The photos don't give a sense of scale, but I assume it's quite small? Otherwise there's a lot of tatting there!

Rose Anne B said...

Thank you Jane. The fabric blocks are 5 inches and the white hearts vary in size with size 10 crochet cotton but the maple leaf I think is in size 20 Lizbeth. Overall this is 22.5 inch hanger.