Friday, July 22, 2016

Today's WTF - as Barb says!

Well sure didn't feel as refreshed starting out this morning as in the afternoon!  I'd slept in (coolest time in my apt) so things just happened that I wondered if I should go for my walk or veg out.  LOL!

My knees and hips are stiff and sore - guess stopping the Organic Tart Cherry Juice may be beneficial diabetic wise but definitely not for my joints.  They've not been this sore for months since on it.

Got walking gear on heading out the door YIKES bad hair day - stuck my head under the tap and tried again.

Out the door and realized I didn't have my knee brace on - SHEESH - back in to do so.

Out the door again and my ear buds fell down still attached to my S4 as the door closed - yep auto lock so out with the keys again to open the door to pick them up and headed down and out again.

Finally on the walk but had to force myself to get into stride and stay with it.  It was HOT too and glad I had my water with me.  I thought I'd have to cut the route down or slow the pace to a stroll BUT about a km into it I started to loosen up and smile to my music and enjoy my 7.1 km walk in 1 hr 19 min - slightly slower than usual.

A lovely result after that start.  I'm definitely going to get up earlier so it's not so hot for the return part.  Ended with some shopping and my afternoon snack was a refreshing Fresca and frozen yogurt float - YUMMY!

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