Monday, July 25, 2016

Prairie Pathfinders

OMGG Edna and I joined Prairie Pathfinders today for a supposed 6 km walk to Norwood Flats and back this morning.  Well the route got changed and instead we walked over the Esplanade bridge and along the river towards the Festival de Voyageur Fort Gibraltar area and in behind some ways too.  My S Health informed me we'd already passed 4 km and no sign of heading back!!!  Shortly after that we did a loop and headed back.  Finally - my legs, knees, ankles and soles of my feet were all aching.  When we got back to the Forks my water was warm but I still drained it - another km to home yet!!!  So in the end it was just over 10 km (most I've done since last year) in 2 hr 3 min at a slower pace averaging 4.9 km/hr.  Needless to say we both went upstairs to wash up and get another water each before heading to Oakwood Cafe for our reward lunch of yummy cabbage borscht and garlic cheese toast and lemon water.  I think I need a nap!!!!

I'd say my 8 km walk yesterday and this 10 km today have knocked me for a loop-de - loop!

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