Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Post Retirement

I can't believe how comfortable I am in retirement!   Yes in the 41 years, 9 months of working I did go, see and do things but for sure not like I've accomplished leisurely as in the past 14 months since!  Some of the events are free - but I find more time freedom now and the drive to indulge and even do things I'd not thought of before!  Yep that 2 - month adventure Down Under sure has opened my eyes!  September-October, 2015.

He he he I've always known why I don't care for cooking for myself and would rather go out to eat in restaurants!!!!  See it takes too much time away from my hobbies and relaxation to plan what I want to eat next, go shopping for the food, then the time to actually make it (thankfully there's enough for another meal most times) and the part that I really really really hate is the mess in the kitchen and clean up necessary to prepare the next meal.  Never ending chore!!!

BUT the good part today is I made an awesome hamburger sauce and whole wheat pasta with ceasar salad for supper AND have two portions in the freezer for a quick meal AND I've a portion of hamburger to make into burgers and grill for sandwiches for lunches whenever.  They all taste awesome so that's a plus!!!  I guess I can't really win this battle if I'm going to deal with my prediabetis!   😆

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