Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cat at it Again!

It's been sunny, overcast and cool to thunderstorms off and on.   I had just got in the doors when Cat sat in front of the fireplace and looked at me.  LOL!!!  Wally gave me instructions for this and I said I probably wouldn't use it.  She smiled and said oh I will as Cat will let you know when.  HUH!!

A few days later Cat asked for the fireplace by sitting right in front.  Once I turned it on she pawed the screen a couple of times until the flames filled the hearth.  😻  She's laid out snoozing now!  😊

Love lap snooze while she reads!
I'll be good if you please turn it on!
Thank you.
This is the life!!!
Quit bugging me already - let me 

1 comment:

tattrldy said...

Hahaha! Cat has you well trained :-)