Saturday, July 02, 2016

June 26th - Quilts for Fort McMurray

I'm relieved to finally complete my donation comfort quilt for a resident of the Fort McMurray fires in two months!!!  Yes I had sewn the top from a picture of a kit seen in Keepsake Quilting and then had to piece together a backing as I didn’t have enough fabric and did find a quilter who volunteered her time and expertise, Alice Gibson - a big Thank You, and she got it back to me in two weeks.  This last weekend I finished attaching the binding and now it's ready to be shipped out to Fort McMurray, hopefully with Leslie's efforts of Keystone Quilts.  

Alongwith mine is a quilt donated by my sister Sylvia of Dryden ON for this cause too - it's hand quilted!

I'm pleased and hope they are appreciated when delivered!  BUT and it's a big one too - three twin sized quilts sewn from my swapped charm stash still has not depleted it much at all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Both the quilts are lovely, and I imagine there is some sad leave-taking. I know they will be appreciated. I laughed at your stash complaint. I venture to say you have even more scraps now, too. =)