Friday, July 15, 2016

Life Style Change Coming!

I've been called in to the Dr's office mid-June as my results showed blood sugar levels jumped.  He explained that they'd like to check them again in three weeks and also advised a visit with the diabetic dietician soon too.  Also not to panic as this was discussion time only.

So today I saw Kathleen and she advised I've had two results in the prediabetic range and we went over my lack of proper diet and was pleased with my walking regime.  We went over some of my favourite beverage labels and I'll be reading some more diligently in future.  I did tell her I DO NOT want to be on medication especially needles!!!  At this time both the Dr. and dietician are going to work on my eating habits and hope that is enough of a correction for now.  Maybe it's a problem with my liver which proper meds for it would control the sugar levels.  SHEESH!!!!  I told them both I have very bad eating habits - except this two weeks when food was bought for me and I'm feeling compelled to eat properly and not waste it - and especially my LACK of willpower!!!!

I'm back next week to see my Dr. and in 3 weeks back with the dietician.  I'm to try and eat more responsibly until then.

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