Sunday, July 31, 2016

Katie's Comfort Quilt

Remember the two comfort blocks I had to quickly stitch up and send down to TN, USA by July 15th?  The request came just as they were announcing the postal strike possibility.   I panicked as my mail to the US takes forever to get there so I rushed and got it mailed off and it was received before the rest of the USA blocks were received. 

Anyways here is the quilt ready for the binding and then it'll be mailed off to our dear friend Katie who is still in rehab therapy for a while now and still a while to go recovering from a bad auto accident.

My heart block is top centre of the vertical hearts row and my churn dash block is in the centre of the horizontal hearts row.  Lovely job by the ladies of our small group!!!

Here's Katie's finished quilt - hope it brings her lots of love and comfort during her recovery!  

1 comment:

Susan said...

We all worked well together, didn't we? I think it looks great, and KTJ will love it.