Saturday, July 02, 2016

July 1st - Canada Day!


Here in Gimli, walking the waters edge on the beach with Edna and entertained by the Skidooer and Jets boots or whatever he's doing - attached by a hose - awesome!  AND stopped into Fabriculous and WOW I love it!  Here's the Row by Row - another I've bought - now I've two to stitch up! 

Stopped for lunch at Lakeview Resort Seagulls patio!  We started with Ceasars which included veggie snacks and grilled pickerel cheeks with mushrooms that we shared.   Then onto delicious pan fried pickerel fillets and steamed veggies. 

Afterwards we walked the shops at the hotel before checking out the pier to the end!  

After walking back to the beach, we checked out the local shops before getting a coffee and donut and then took the beach highway to Winnipeg Beach to show Edna the changes since she'd been there.   Again we walked the cement boardwalk with railings in the beginning - replaced the wooden one there for years. 

At the end we walked through the Provincial Park campground - WOW! - to see if my lacemaker friend was there but not, so back to the car to head home. 

WOW what an awesome day - low 20C, slight breezes and hot sunshine!  We finally got home 8pmish from 10am!

Well that was an AWESOME display of fireworks - even the lower ones were visible through the treetops - from my sixth floor living room windows.  Yep no mosquitoes, nor the irritant smoke drifts nor the crowds I'm not keen on in close proximity!  Lovely quiet end to my busy day.

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