Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a DAY!!!

Well I was very very very happy with our Aurora meeting this month!  BUT I can tell you it took a lot out of me (don't know about everyone else, especially Brandy) and actually my back is giving me grief for all the cutting and rushing around I did today!  But you know me, I would not have done it any other way - LOL!!!

OK some time ago at the Manitoba Prairie Quilters guild meeting Brandy thought up the program that Satellite groups from within could volunteer one of their meetings to assist with ABC charity quilt kit preparations (with the number of smaller groups within the guild it could be ages before our help is required again).  See these kits are handed out at meetings to various members to stitch, quilt and bind or one of those steps and then finished off by others (whatever they can contribute) and Brandy was having trouble in having a sufficient number available for the monthly meetings. 

Since Aurora Quilters are registered as a satellite group with the guild, I approached our membership and arranged for this month's meeting to be our contribution to this endeavour.  So without further ADO Brandy hefted all her paraphenalia to Harrow United Church today and along with Wendy, Gail, Ricki, Norma (here from Nainamo BC), Virginia, Val W, Maureen, Florence, Dianne and myself along with guests Ann & Margaret (now members) and Val H to prepare 21 ABC quilt kits (8 of these are rag quilts complete with batting) and cut enough batting for 12 more rag quilts. 

Brandy, MPQ ABC Charity Quilt Chairperson
Hall view of various tables of charity quilt kit making
Margaret & Norma figuring out how to do this step
Margaret (new member) with Norma & Brandy at batting station
Ricki, Brandy & Gail well at it
I felt shaky but honest I didn't take this picture
Brandy with two of our guests - Val H with Ann L (new member)
Wendy hiding with Brandy & Maureen chatting and Val H in the background

And as usual the luncheon was a lovely complete smorgasboard started off with two batches of cinnamon buns (I ate two!!!) with coffee and ended with awesome desserts/cookies!!!  Thank you all for the food and your help today!!!  And especially thanks to Norma for making time to visit with us all - it was AWESOME!!!

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