Thursday, November 04, 2010

Peggy Sue's Encrusted #1 RR Block Embellished

OK, finally I've completed my "quarter" allotment of Peggy Sue's block and I must say this is the first time I'm in an "encrusted" RR and this is lots of embellishment for me, but next to the previous Encrusted RR it is very lacking!!!  Some day I'll get the hang of this level of embellishing.
Peggy Sue's naked block

 Here is the overall and close up of the embellishing I did!  Hope Peggy Sue likes it! 
Peggy Sue's - after Rose Anne's embellishments

Just Rose Anne's embellishments

Now for the detailed work.  This is the beaded paisley which I tried to emulate one of the paisley from the CQI group - sort of!  The inside is all beaded and outlined with an embroidered chain stitch then outlined with the same cotton Bullion knots.  Then Pat suggested to echo the paisley to fill in the block and I kinda like that idea instead of my thoughts of spattered chains, knots or fly stitches.  I then attached my tatted edging (not as scared to try other patterns now - LOL!) with beads as a seam treatment.
Paisley patch - idea from CQI Paisley Swap

This is the second patch I attacked with joy, as I knew right away I was going to stitch the Queen Anne's lace on this darker purple to showcase it and then attached Sharon B's gifted mini metal hearts finished off with mini silver beads within.  I then did a feather and chain stitched Japanese Buttonhole Twist seam treatment and finished off with mini purple beads in each chain cluster.
Queen Anne's Lace patch

Now this button cluster patch was a REAL CHALLENGE and I promptly went to visit my friend Pat for some guidance - hope I accomplished what you were trying to show me.  In the upper stacked shell buttons I finished off with a stacked beaded stems in gold.  Then I filled in the patch with tendrils of stem and fly stitched vines and mini flowers in JBT before attaching the purchased butterfly (which I thought was just LOVELY).  Then I worked on the centre patch next (explaination follows) and capped it off with the alternating blanket stitched half wagon wheels seam treatment with larger bead centres and then it still looked kinda bare so I topped it off with Colonial knots and then straight or V stitches.
Button Cluster patch

Here in the centre patch I used a varigated deep to pale rose cotton and outlined the roses accordingly.  Then the posies and leaves with Silk Ribbon embroidery and small yellow beaded centres.  I then stitched in my single strand metallic spider web - hidden in amongst the flowers - just like in nature.  Added in the purchased ladybug button and the lovely metal butterfly charm.  Now came the spider - I wanted something different from what I've already done but was at a loss so sat back and looked over the block and finally decided it needed a pearl one.  That made it much easier and promptly attached the two body beads and then used my size 20 crochet cotton and made the Bullion knot legs and eyes.  This patch was treated to a purple ric rac seam treatment held in place with seed and rocaille beaded zig zag design.
Flowery centre patch

Here's the close up of the web and spider - I really love this one!
Beaded & Bullion knot spider

 Now to wait patiently for Peggy Sue's verdict and also to watch the rest of this block to grow in embellishments and beauty!!!


Nicki Lee said...

Rose Anne - I already posted comments on your work in the CQI albums but had to come here and take another look. I love what you have done - everything is so pretty and well thought out. Love the paisley!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great block, the seam treatments are wonderful and i love the outline stitching around the paisley! Just my kind of stuff...your spiders are always so perfect, yo have a way with those long bullion knots/the owner of this block is going to be delighted with your stuff.


pattas said...

It is beautiful, and I love your spider.. :))

Judy said...

Rose Anne, I am going to be starting in on my sewing again soon! I look at your lovely work, and think, I could do that!

crazyQstitcher said...

It's wonderful RoseAnne.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Rose Anne! How could she not like it. I love how you used everything, but the rick rack was coolest.