Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Postcards!

Bamboo Heaven - embroidery swap

Aren't these cute? I've called them Bamboo Heaven and they are for a postcard swap on Embroidery in my FunFriendly Yahoo group. I found two appropriate Oriental fabrics, cut out and hand appliqued the medallions in place on the bamboo fabric background. Then naturally I hand embroidered around the medallions and also all the bamboo shoots and leaves for emphasis. I was going to satin stitch them in either a gold or green but my niece Pat said cream and boy am I glad I was not in my usual "which should I use" mood and just followed her suggestion. I think the cream edging is great!!! Thanks girl!!!

Now these are two extras and will one day be added to my Fabric Postcard Pages for future quilt show sales and or swapping.


pattas said...

Beautifully embroided,good choice of colours and love the Pandas..

Jean said...


Barbara Gordon said...

These look really great. I have a bunch of the panda designs to. I did a shirt for a boy I used to sit for who liked Pandas. He wore it to school and got everyone's attention to. The teacher even asked him where he got it....made me feel good to!