Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CQd Heart - Finally!!!

6" CQd heart awaiting embellishing

I signed up for this Chain of Hearts Christmas heart swap some time ago to GET MYSELF going on this group!!! See I’ve been a member for a number of years and have six of these heart bases CQd but not embellished and there are ladies waiting to swap hearts with me so I figure I better get a move on already!!! So this heart foundation is finished and I thought I should post it to let the girls know that I’m working on it and hopefully this week I’ll finish off the embellishing on it and a another block I’ve got here from CQI RR to finish off.

There just is not enough hours in the day after working for me to finish off all I want to do AND to relax!!! Never mind the house keeping!!! I do that at my Dad’s, definitely not at my place!!!


Laurie said...

Hi Rose! I also have hearts I need to get busy on, They're ready to embellish also, there are six that need to be done by next Friday. Ahh yes, to have more hours in a day! I love what you did with the rounded piece at the bottom of your heart. Pleas show pics when your done with this one!

Anonymous said...

The heart looks pretty good before you even start embellishing it. I like the grays.