Wednesday, November 24, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

Okay, this is the second batch of needle felted O’ Christmas Tree postcards I’ve completed recently. The first three were Christmas cards for a gift exchange and now these four are for a CofH group Christmas swap. And all were finished before the deadline dates but the first set was slightly less on the embellishing – Sorry ladies!!!

So I started off with my background sky fabric as the whole base and also on compressed Styrofoam that was part of my individual needle felting kits I bought on 60% off sales. Now I know why they were on sale – takes too long with a single needle and also the styro is just too hard compared to the brush base that Ann-Marie lent me to try out. Guess I’ll be making a purchase one of these days as this is just too much fun even with one needle, to not do again!!!

Christmas cards for gift exchange

I built the tree with two shades of green wool roving and then the trunk base of brown. Then instead of using up ALL my white wool roving I found some awesomely soft poly batt given to me for doll making (which I don’t really do) and it worked just GREAT for the snow. Once that was all completed to my liking I then tatted individual short lengths of DS and picots for a garland and stitched in place. After that I stitched on various seed beads of green, red, gold and clear along with a beaded gold star at the top. Now in the Chain of Hearts group we were to hide a heart somewhere on our postcard – on mine it’s in the tree – but that was the last one embellished whereas the first ones I did they are on the snow under the tree! Then to finish it off I decided to add the clear seed beads scattered in the snow cover before assembling the postcards.

Chair of Hearts Christmas postcard swap

Now too bad I don't have yardage of my background fabric - neato eh?  YEPPERS I just LOVE mine and now I’ve an order for the extra postcard also – WOW!!!


Anonymous said...

All those postcards look wonderful! Lucky people. I didn't come back soon enough to get in on this stuff.

Barbara Gordon said...

How beautiful the card turned out. I have never even tried the felting and I have some of the tools to do it to. I just have to many hobbies to keep up with all of them....