Monday, November 15, 2010

November Landscape

Well I had taken an extra day and had an extended long weekend for my trip to Dauphin and visit with my soon to be 97 years young Dad and boy was he ever chipper this weekend.  He had me going here and there and really not succeeding in accomplishing much but he was happy so that is what counted.  I did take home a pork roast and meatloaf pan and prepared them for our meals which he did devour for lunches and kept his suppers on the lighter side as he wanted.  Even had a lovely steak supper with my sister and BIL along with some cat sitting too - this time they behaved.

I did get that stock car revvin' starter changed too and hopefully it will be all warranty work.  Definitely this replacement one sounds like my car used to so not sure what was wrong with that brand new one to begin with - both mechanics don't know either!!!  And hopefully my next trip I will have some winter rear tires to help with traction - hope the stormy weather holds off till then.

Well on my way back it was sort of overcast and foggy towards Riding Mountain National Park  and as I got closer to Riding Mountain (the town) I just could not resist and took these pictures!  I'm hoping to one day print some onto silk fabric and use them with embellishments.


pattas said...

How wonderful to be able to spend quality time with your 90year young dad.. Power to your dad :))
Love the pics, they would be awesome on silk and in a heart :))
Hope you are having a great day :))

Judy said...

Rose Anne, those photos would make some lovely bases for embroidery! My favourite is the first one!
And I have had some fridge magnets made of a couple of my photos, and I am putting others into frames, ready for sale on the weekend. My anxiety level is going up and up...