Saturday, November 27, 2010

Busy Saturday!

OK I did a tonne of running around today that I'm totally exhausted!!! But I finally got the Timberland boots I was looking for at Soft Macs but nothing descent was on sale so I shelled out lots more than I wanted too - they better be warm!!! The have a rubber sole with grips for traction - hope that works better than the ones I did have.  My co-worker says they are and I've got to learn NOT to wear cotton socks outside in winter but get some type of driwicking ones instead. I have two pairs of my old skiing socks so will wear those in the boots for now. And while at Polo Park I also picked up a Show and Save book and card for some breaks on purchases and/or eating out (2 for 1 coupons).

Then I bought some terry and flannel and when I finally got home I stitched up my baby bath towel with it's own matching hand towel and facecloth along with the two large flannel blankets. All edges were serged so it was lickety split quick - took longer to gift wrap them up!!! When I was appliqueing Winnie the Pooh on the hoodie I stupidly stuck my pointer finger (the one you always use) in under the needle and naturally tore off the corner - so yep sore and puffy already!!! I think I'll have to put some Triple Action Poly on it and a bandaide me thinks!!!

Also at Northern Reflections at the back sale racks I found a forest green waffle top with long sleeves for $12.99 so that was good. Then I picked up at Cdn Footwear two pair of Bamboo/Rayon socks to help with odor and comfort under wool walking socks. If not I think they will work beautifully for dress socks as I can't stand panty hose kneehighs! And at Nygaards on Notre Dame they had cotton socks like what I wear for work and everyday at 6 pairs for $10 so I could not pass them up as I've thrown out many socks with holes lately and I'm running out between laundry!!! I stopped in there to find some dressy tops
again for work but zippo to my liking and/or $$$.

Ohhh and my final stop was needless to say adding some gas to the baby as it was running pretty low.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had quite a shopping trip, and some good bargains, at least!