Sunday, November 07, 2010

More Postcards!

Okay, I think I forgot to blog these two postcards I made as "Just Because" and sent to my sister and her friend recently.  They are basically mixed fancy fabrics bonded onto a lovely shiny blue fabric and then narrowly machine satin stitched in place.  The flat stars are overstitched in place and beaded halo and waist belts added for accent.  I knew my sister needed a pick me up and she'd just been over to her girlfriend's for some quilting fun which she really enjoyed and also as a Thank You to Fran for being there for her!  Then I found out it was a perfect day for Fran to receive a pick me up card too - so I'm doubly thankful I did do these up!  
#425 - Stained Glass Angel - Sylvia
#426 - Stained Glass Angel - Fran

Now this set is part of a number of postcards along the same theme but for different reasons I need to make this month.  I did a trial run on my own piece of fabric and loved these needle felted trees that I just had to continue.  The one thing I found out is the proper tools of the trade are important!!!  See I had bought the single needle felting kits that have compressed styro for the base.  Another quilter heard this and was aghast and immediately leant me her brush base to try out.  WELLLLLL it's like night and day I can tell you and if I'm going to continue with this technique I definitely have to get myself this base and possibly a multi needle holder too!

These first ones are gift cards for friends.  I blended two shades of green for the trees, brown for trunks and then used a very fluffy batting for the snow and it worked just as well as the wool roving.  Then I added the sequin star and various beads to represent lights.  I LOVE them!!!

#434-435-436 - O' Christmas Tree - gift cards

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pattas said...

So lovely to have friends..I am so grateful for mine :))
i love your work, so creative with your ideas.. have a great week. Pat in Tas:))