Sunday, November 21, 2010

One More Step Closer!!!

Today I decided instead of battling the fluffy white stuff coming steadily down along with the drivers rushing around, some slower than conditions warrant and many many more zooming around as if it was summer, I avoided shopping for snowboots and finished off the preparations for my first bed quilt. Yeppers the other day I washed the nine metres of backing fabric and pressed out the creases ready for piecing of the back for the quilt. BUT Saturday at Aurora I didn't get to that stage.

So I picked up my quilty friend Florence and the two of us beat the parking snarl downtown because of the Christmas Craft Sale at the Convention Centre and stopped into my office. There we both were able to spread out and work on our various projects.

Hmmmm what goes where and do I like that?

My "Under Stars Galore" (cause they are on the front and back and I’ll be sleeping under them) was born out of the 2005 Western Retreat Mystery Quilt Project which was completed April 2006 – my very first bed-sized quilt top. The extra blocks border idea was borne by my niece Pat and the borders planned out by my sister Sylvia – so kinda a family project?
Under Stars Galore quilt top completed back in 2006

Close up of corner patches

Then on another Western Retreat trip in 2008 I picked up the just over nine metres of star/moon blue fabric on a 60% off sale (took it all as I wasn't sure how much I truly needed for a queen sized quilt) and today finally pieced it together for the backing, squared it off ready for the next step - sandwiching and quilting it together by someone else sometimes in 2011!

The backing fabric purchased in 2008

So soon I will have a NEW quilt on my bed made mostly by myself with some help!!!  YEAH!!!


Debbie said...

Rose Anne, love this quilt. Love the colors and what a gorgeous "extra" border. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

The quilt looks great. I'm guessing you have a little of the blue left over, tho.