Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Day!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for the birthday wishes.

So far it's been awesome - blue sky, scattered white puffy clouds and lots of warm sunshine!!!  I'm in Dryden ON.  Breakfast at A&W.  Drove to Sioux Lookout with my sister and BinL to Giant Tiger and Red Apple - great buys there and lunch at Tim's and brief limited shopping at both quilting shops and now at home resting.  Tonight is supper at B&B's - I get a discount for my supper equivalent to my age AWESOME - Florence and Roy are joining us too.

And awesome day too!!!  Yes I had my ribs and even two pieces and leftover ceasar salad from Tim's for tomorrow too.  I didn't tell them when making reservations but when ordering mentioned it was my birthday and she asked my age to apply the discount on my meal.  But she brought me the lit cheesecake w carmel sauce - nice finish to my meal!!!  Thank you Sylvia and Len and also to our friends Florence and Roy for joining me - so much nicer than me going out myself - still enjoyable but nicer with others too.  But it sure was noisy in there tonight - large group of middle aged women took over half the restaurant!!!!

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