Sunday, January 20, 2019

Lovely weekend!

Well Friday after our lunch I put away all the visible Christmas ornaments in the special boxes I bought 3 years ago!  Next week I'll find a box or tub and remove the larger Christmas decor too.  Then also next week I'll have to sort my summer clothes, wash em and decide what to pack etc.  I've been getting other stuff together too and dropped off my goodies for the Cubans to Iona and she's very happy and her pile is huge!  And in between I've been crocheting bobbin holders for myself and maybe for friends.  Now feet up relaxing with the crew - Jake is hiding!

This face is deceiving - he's been bad again.

Hmmmm different ideas on how each relaxes I guess!

Yes Taunya here is one I thought Zero was rolling back scratching but not so I quickly picked up the camera for a pic. He stayed like that for a bit!  Definitly mimicking Griffin and Wheeler posted earlier!  Weird I've two sets so similar!

First off thank you Valerie Wilson for the lovely green hand dyes I ordered for my project.  Now to find the time to start this wall hanging.  Last year I watched my sister put together the kit she had bought!  I could not resist to make one in my favourite colour!

I know it was crazy but I thought these guys needed some outdoors horsing around yesterday.  WELL only if either Wheeler or I galvanized Griffin into the game otherwise he sat on his butt waiting for me to head indoors.  Silly dog!  Sillier me for playing chase till I felt my knee then after some 20 minutes of fun and games we came inside and Jake joined us.

I'm in the opposite end of the yard and glad it's snow so I don't have to tread so carefully!      

I love this shot!

They still have some pep in them, but I'm pooped! 

I was outside again today with the dogs for 20 minutes and actually playing chase was nice in the sun.  Today Griffin was very playful to the point of trying to jump on me!  So I thought what's Holguin CUBA like compared to Winnipeg CANADA!

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