Monday, January 28, 2019

A Wonderful Day!

AWESOME DAY!  That is except for the 7am start!  I had breakfast at Altos at Club Regent with Sylvia n Len and Florence n Roy, in with their seniors group! 

Then I dropped off my purged items at Aunt Monica's Attic and boy did I make her day!  Even to the point of immediately knowing what she was going to sew from specific fabrics and laces for children's one of a kind costumes!  One fabric she really liked and might keep for herself!  Great, I helped her out and she helped me out too.

The afternoon, even in that crazy wind snowstorm like conditions, was my Northern Lights Lacemakers gathering and thanks to Jacqui's insistence I think my bobbins might be wound properly and thread stash saved in the end! 😘

Afterwards I drove to Angela's for an awesome pork tenderloin with applesauce, scallop potatoes, baked carrots, steamed n fried green beans supper - she spoils me!  This was followed by various curling games on TV followed by apple crisp n ice cream and coffee, ending with a recorded curling game before heading home.  Oh and a tin of her homemade yummy cookies!  Thank you Angela! 😘

It was weird the weather!  First was frigid stormy conditions most of the day but late evening it was calm and a nice winter night while cleaning off most of the snow on my car. The drive back was OK but you could see ice everywhere!  My baby had no issues but many (CRVs too) were swerving and sliding in front of me from the perimeter to city centre and I was doing 50!  Guess some people don't know how to drive for the conditions!

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