Thursday, January 31, 2019

January 29th Catchup

Jan 29th

Despite the frigid -40sC temperature, down to -50sC with windchills, I still ventured out!  Guess another saying not to be bandied around like "I'll never do that"!!!!!! 🤣😜🤯

Thank you Barb P for the lovely lunch, home visit and the loan of your Jennoop quilt suspension unit.  I'll try it out and let you know how it works for me.  Much appreciated and thank you.  Hope you have a wonderful escape from this cold spell and looking forward to another visit on a warmer day. 🤗

While driving my tire pressure light came on so stopped into Urban Garage to check and make my oil change appointment.  It was confirmed the cold will lower pressure enough to trigger the sensor and might be OK, they'll check.  Also when mentioned I need an appointment they said they'd do it now!  WOW!!!  This place has awesome efficient staff and both waiting room and shop are well maintained and clean!

This was on my Canadian Quilters FB and had to share with friends n family!

Well I think I've the Split Rings technique in my head as I didn't have to refresh before starting Riet's Dragonfly - alternative method of working!  Also I've taken liberties here!

Jan 30th

WELL I'm not sure what I expected but honestly it was better than that!  I was out driving and yes I let my baby warm up first.  Then headed for my hair cut bringing Adele a steeped tea, then a bit of needed shopping before a just because stop at Tim's again, this time for Barb B at work before heading home.  Again thank you Adele for the awesome styling and at least my hair is ready for Cuba even if I'm not!  I LOVE my curls!!!  Plus was dressed appropriately!!!

OMGG if I saw this while travelling I'd probably cause a traffic incident to get my pictures!!!!

Then I prepped my pictures for the Northern Lights Lacemakers monthly newsletter!

PHEW!!!!  I didn't think I'd finish off this bobbin lace practice piece worked on last October 2017!  But after rereading the lesson preparation and a number of false starts I finally got the hang of it and completed sections d, e and braiding off - that is except for the extra pair, I'm lost and too tired to figure that out!  Now to let the lace set a spell before removing the pins etc.  I also fixed my new travel pillow's insert that seemed uneven and ready to sew pillow n working covers and matching bobbin carrier.  Then I'll be ready to start the next lesson, but not till I've my personal teachers nearby to help me over the stumbling blocks!!!

Good night!

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