Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I'm Drained!

It was another jam packed day!  First thing ran my car to the garage to get my new tires on and an oil change.  Thankfully I got a courtesy car as I had to be at Mary's for 10:30 - just made it.  She showed me a few more things before she left on her trip.  I then went home and gathered up my stuff and left the apartment ready for the two repair jobs - yep still not done from two weeks ago - hopefully done before I return.  Then back to the house to unpack my stuff and relax till I'm called to come get my car.  Ohhh I had a visitor out the kitchen window.  Finally just before 4:00 I got the call it's ready - yep rush hour traffic driving someone else's car!!!  Thankfully there were no surprises and my bill was the minimum quoted - YEAH!!!  Now to hopefully relax when out road trippin' and just in time for Sunday's country walk!  I finished the day off getting a few groceries and now relaxing with Celtic music and feet up!  Tomorrow will be another jam packed day - heck everyday till Monday it seems - then maybe get to some sewing!!!

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