Monday, January 02, 2017

Starting Something New!

OK I came across a new stitching group "1 Year of Stitches: 2017" and decided to join up.  Basically it's a free for all gather your fabric, hoop, thread, stitches resource books etc, your ideas and do a type of stitch each and every day and you post weekly to the FB group but daily in your own FB or Blog.  Well I'm a might behind as I'm house sitting but going home soon to gather my items for this next week.   I did draw up some ideas so will see what develops.

Also yesterday I bought this book from a friend after being inspired by my friend's daughter  Val√©rie and her beautiful gift to her Mom Linda.  Inside are many that I love but these are ones I've chosen - in order of preference and hopefully ones I can master with my limited knitting skills too.  Also I told Valerie not to buy this book as I know Linda is going to Montreal in 2017 and will deliver it to her to enjoy too!!!  A small gift for her appreciation of my show n tell while here for Christmas.

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