Friday, January 06, 2017

Feeling Worried!

Ohhh this Katsu definitely is trying my being!!!  First he does not walk per se, then he's constantly picking up and trying to eat garbage if he can beat me to it and trying to stay out walking as long as he can.  Then today after our walk he's racing around the house with his Piggy squeaking and him growling while I'm undressing.   All of a sudden all is silent and you know that feeling - oh oh what are the kids into???  I race up the 3 steps which I've in the past broken my big toe on to see what he's up to.  My heart just lurches as there he is sitting on his haunches silent but holding his right foot up and out.  Turns his head to me but does not move.  Then he hobbled on three legs over to me and I gently feel if anything is loose or broken - don't know how I'd know - but compared the other leg and it seems the same.  I'm kinda panicking and texted the owners to please call me as I think he's hurt.  We have a chat and apparently he's jumped off the couch before and tweaked something in his foot before but bounces back.   Well as I'm getting my supper ready he walks into the kitchen on all legs and no limp but slowly.  Nothing interferes with eating I guess.  He seems OK.   😯

5 hours later

OK I can honestly say that this bratt is OK!!!  Not only was he ready for his evening walk after resting since his mishap but he tested my patience in which direction to go plus the gait it was to take!!!!  SHEESH!   I'm ready for bed and an Alieve too!

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