Saturday, January 07, 2017

Feeling Accomplished!

Well I've completed my first week of "1 Year of Stitches: 2017" and am pleased with my rusty embroidery.  I've decided I wanted two projects for this so will see how I manage as time goes by.  The first is my 'Annual Panel' of 365 squares featuring various flowers etc from a book gifted by my friend Shirley Nicholson by Diana Lampe called "Embroidery for all Seasons".  This book is just perfect for me with descriptions on thread colours, stitches and diagrams.   This week's square choices are:  Achillea 'Cerise Queen'; Agapanthus; Agapanthus - Autumn; Autumn Crocus; Bugleweed or Blue Bugle; Chamomile and Bergenia.   The second project is my 'Rose Table Topper' where I searched Google images for a Zentangle rose I liked for the centre square on this Damask napkin and also found a unique stem I'll use on all four sides surrounding the rose.   I think both fabrics I'm using were hand dyed attempts by another friend, Pat Findlay.  So thank you ladies for assisting my 2017 challenge!


muskaan said...

Great start & accomplishment! Love the little flowers and eager to see more through the year :-)

Moira said...

Great work!

Jane McLellan said...

Those are very pretty!