Thursday, January 12, 2017

Feeling Good

Wednesday,  January 11, 2017

Well I'm back home and slept like a log in my temperate bedroom and slept in to 9ish.  I'm feeling lots better and relaxed!!!  And here is the snow drift on my window sill - lucky this did not happen at the house or Katsu would be beating up the new window pane to see out Joan Lien.

Some good news.  My BP is still slowly declining so maybe my Dr will take me off the water pill totally and adjust the strength of the HBP med too.  Also my weight is at the lowest in a VERY LONG TIME and 4 lbs below the level I wanted to reach.  So I'm now 27 lbs below what I started at in May 2016 and today found out I'm 4 sizes down in pants - WOW!!!  And my BS is recording between 5.8 and 7.4 since November.   YEAH!!!!!

And to top it off I had a lovely afternoon with Edna for lunch and shopping, even stopped into Keystone Quilts a bit too.  Thankfully before the next coldspell sets in tonight with very cold temps with extreme windchill too because of strong wind gusts.  YIKES!!!


muskaan said...

Congratulations :-) Your hardships, restrictions, and self-control are showing their results . Good for you ! Keep it going :-)

Michelle said...

I've been following your blog for a while now, before the start of this journey, and I wanted to say congratulations and way to go! What a wonderful thing to read each day! Good for you!