Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Yes I know it's been a while again but I'm still dogs/house sitting and not much new in my CQing etc to show off as yet.  I've been tatting up a storm getting ready for some postcards for the Neepawa display and otherwise CQing embellishments on another RR block I've taken on.  I'm just about ready to photograph the "naked" block and then the fun will definitely begin and then another CQd heart shaped block to prepare and send out on it's CQing journey - yep another heart block to add to my collection for my own special wallhanging one of these days.

As for myself, well I'm still walking 4 mornings a week to work (4.75 km within 55 minutes now) and once on the weekend anywhere from 6-9 km (1.5 hrs) and not really reducing any pounds but still slimming down which is just as good.  I've even gone shopping for some dressier clothes lately and found some awesome sales and even returning this weekend again to see if another outfit is on sale - don't care to pay full price that is for sure.

Today I met my special girlfriend and we went for a 6 km walk (had the day off work) this morning and BOY OH BOY some think I walk fast WELLLLLL I was a huffing and puffing a few times and had to skip it to catch up to her.  She did give me a tip to bend my elbows, palms open and keep them pumping to keep my pace up!!!  AND the path we took was a little up and down so a very good workout and then to her place for coffee which I needed badly along with a Granny Smith apple and some peanut butter spread on top - YUMMY snack!!!

Then I met a retired co-worker for lunch and we went shopping together for a bit before splitting up and going our own ways.  Needless to say I had a couple of very excited girls when I got back to the house and wanting hugs and pets too.  Now whatever is happening outside is upsetting them a bit and I hope it blows over fast as I want to sleep tonight!!!  And hopefully no trees break and fall on my car.  It's bad enough there is a leak along the windshield and water actually enters over the steering wheel, onto my seat and pools on the matt.  Today I put a large recycle bag over the seat to help keep it dry.  Hope it works.  As soon as it dries some I'm going to caulk the heck out of that corner!!!

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