Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Postcard Finished!

Yes, I've finished off the second request this evening and now I'm kinda caught up and can just work on whatever I guess!!!  I've some tatting to finish off and make into postcards this next week too so will have to see how many I can get put together.  Then I've the Making Memories block to finish off for October mailout - yep still lots to work on!!!

This was a request for one of my "Lonely Island" postcards and I think I might even be getting better at stitching these up, just need to find more of this awesome batik I had found some time ago!  The first one I felt I overdid the paint embellishing and was not too thrilled with the result.  Then someone said the island was too black to try to lighten it up so with metallic grey I was able to do that and yes I do like it better.  BUT just incase it is not to their taste I did up a second one and tempered the paint embellishing.  So they can choose the one they like the best and I'll maybe have the other as a spare.

I wonder which will be more appealing???

1 comment:

Bobbi Pohl said...

They are both attractive, but I like 359 a little better. It seems more graphic and clear, good in such a small piece. Way to go.