Sunday, September 19, 2010

A WOW Saturday!

Yes I know technically it is Sunday, but can't help it if there just was not enough time within Saturday to get everything in!!!  LOL!

Well it started off with picking up my sister's books from Copperfields and then off to the Aurora Quilters monthly gathering (and talk about a low turnout - where were you girls/guy???).  While at the meeting stitching on my CQI Making Memories block I found out that it was Tami who had passed onto me a two-fold carrying case (needing some gentle TLC) some time ago.  We also located some supplies for next week's charity quillow retreat weekend.

See this past few months I've been scouring the countryside for an appropriate tote for my tatting supplies to cart to meetings and next weekend to the Northern Lights Lacemakers retreat - zippo found as yet - and then one of our members mentioned to check out my makeup bags etc at home!  Hmmmm I really didn't have anything suitable BUT then I came across this recycled plastic case.  WELLLLL it's PURRRFECT as you can see and the remaining balls are either in a zippered pouch for travelling or a plastic shoebox for home storage.  Yep I think this will do for now, especially after Tami said to pick up some semi clear hockey tape (has a bit more substance to it than packing tape) and tape up the cracked corner - it worked!!!  As you can see the tins I was using were too small now!
Larger Section
Smaller Section

Then off to Michaels and Walmart to check a few things out (found a package of fancy buttons that had a couple of small cameo buttons within) and also stopped into the Fabric Centre to check out the lace (nope not on sale) and came across a piece of lovely fabric for my CQing and the clerk sold it to me for $1 (like a quarter metre strip) - WOW!!!  Now I'm not sure if you can see this but the right side of the fabric is shiny (on left) and the wrong side is matte (on right) so I think I'll get lots of use out of this piece whichever side I use!


Off I went home - BUT my "under construction" Assiniboine Ave was blocked by a tourist bus that could not make the corner and got it's back wheel hung up in the stupid jut out that was just curbed - not filled in as yet!!!  Yep there was a cop taking down info and CTV also filming it!  I don't know who dreamt up this supposedly "eco calming" plan but whomever it is should be a city bus/garbage/fire truck driver to see how these reduced driving lanes and directional traffic is going to be CRAZY and a total waste of tax payers money.  There are so many streets that need repairs and here they are removing muchly needed all-season parking spots all the way down the street and putting in a 3-season biking, rollerblading and/or skateboarding lane which is also restrictive to residencial/business parking access???  Totally INSANE - utter MADNESS!!!  I really think they've lost it this time. 

So traffic meandered onto the bike lane and then gently up the gravel ramp and over the raised dividers and I followed so I could get home to unload and pick up my tatting before heading to Kathryn's PJ party with fellow stitchers.  First though I stopped in as usual to ValuVillage and found this like brand new stretcher bar for canvasswork along with these two balls of crochet cotton for my angels!!!  What a bargain!!!

This PJ party was geared towards "Back to School" with tortilini soup, Cibati buns for your choice of sandwich fillings along with cookies, fruits and chocolate milk or pop - light n filling and delicious too!!!  And this time I picked up a Noel Hardanger pattern - hope to make it someday!!!

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