Monday, September 06, 2010

An AWESOME Weekend!

First Friday I met up with Florence from Aurora and we went to the house for a basic supper and to watch a DVD with the dogs and just relax.  WELL would you believe it - the volume disappeared just into the movie.  So we packed up the wine and went over to Florence's to finish watching it - The Backup Plan - a fun movie!

Then Saturday, I met up with Mary, a retired co-worker for brunch then did some shopping and bought a lovely dressy outfit, pants and capris all on sale.  And off to get my hair cut and this time had some bronze/copper highlights added - I love it!!!  Then back to do more shopping and haul some stuff back to the apt before meeting up with my three sisters in from Dauphin for supper!  Yep a lovely day, now what will Sunday bring.

WELL I didn't get out for my usual walk Sunday either, but made another drop at the apt (see I'm close to finishing my house/dogs sitting so it's time to move home soon) before heading over to Darlene's, another quilter friend, for an afternoon of stitching.  She made lunch for us - homemade garden fresh bruschetta and talk about YUMMY and also she made a scrumptious apple cake too for dessert!  Oh Yes, Darlene you spoiled me rotten and I probably put on a few extra pounds.  And JJ reminded me of the girls at the house so full of energy and wanting attention too!

Well needless to say Monday was AWESOME weather for a fabric painting activity day over at Pat's!  Yeppers fun was had by Dianne, Val, Roberta, Ann-Marie and myself and we all did our own thing.  I did bring along my Venice laces as I wanted some input as to how I could colour them and I think my head is FULL of various techniques and paints etc.  Two pieces were painted by Val and she gave them back to me to use in my CQing projects - now I have my own hand-dyed laces!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat with her shaving cream piece.
Pat's unveiled sun print on hand-dyed fabric!  AWESOME!!!
Dianne and shiva stick painting.
Not sure what this is about really but apparently it is "flour paste resist" and the finished pieces are WOW!!!
The above resulted in the white fabric with black veins alongwith Pat's shiva project on black seen here also.
Here's another sample of that technique on blue fabric alongwith Dianne's shiva projects on black too, not sure what the other fabrics are about though.
Hmmmm what's so interesting in there?

Yeppers, thank you Pat for having us over and the weather so cooperative - could have had calmer winds, but that was OK too!  We missed the others who couldn't make it!

NowI only have one more sleep over and then hopefully I'll be back to my own home!!!


Linda Mullen said...

Lovely! Glad to hear that the Ravenesque meeting was a good one.

Laurie said...

Yes your laces turned out gorgeous!! Looks like you had such a fun time! I think it's time I took the plunge and started doing some painting myself.

Karen said...

Your laces are beautiful. Looks like a fun day!!

Judy said...

Your hair looks great! And you sure have been having fun! I want to erase the past weekend - Friday, my neck was so stiff I whimpered when I had to roll over in bed, and forget about sitting up! Yesterday, I tried to break a toe at the dog park. Hurts like the blazes, but it is pretty colours...

Judy said...

Rose Anne - I am at work, and can't figure out how to get email, so here is another heron photo - - you will have to scroll back to Sept. 2, but he is worth it!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

OMG Roseanne! Your laces are just wonderful! I love some of those fabrics too - dying to know how they were made (no pun intended).