Sunday, September 19, 2010

Walking Again!!!

Yep I decided to get my butt out there and at least have a casual walk so I can again build up to my brisk 1 hour walk before work again!!!  Enough of babying the sore hip/back, maybe this will work it out???  So I could not have picked a more beautiful day to do this either, talk about a perfect FALL day and I even took my camera with me to enjoy some of the scenics later on when winter invades as par for the course.

Gorgeous Legislative Building riverbank gardens/walkway to the river.

Assiniboine River once AGAIN higher than the public riverwalk to the Forks.

Entrance to River Ave from Osborne Street - love the turning colours.

Interesting flora landscaping on Wellington Cres.

I went my favourite route then returned home and walked up our poor demolished Assiniboine Ave for a more detailed look to the "madness" construction taking place.  So basically they've taken a two way street with various 3-way stop signs and parking on the riverbank side out and have put alternating one-ways in with triangular curbs in the intersections along with jutting out corner curbs to "funnel" traffic onto the north bound streets.  There are large raised rounded bumpers being installed along the parking lane and to the right of it is the cycling, rollerblading and/or skateboarding lane from Osborne through to Main Streets.  Right now if anyone is picking me up I walk up to Broadway to save them the hassle of having to drive through this mess.  I surely hope it improves soon!!! 

Corner of Kennedy and Assiniboine.

Looking towards Main St from Kennedy corner.

Taken from my apt entrance towards Edmonton St corner.

Here's a look at the bumpers they are putting in for dividers - apparently the pavement will come up and only a speed bump will remain.

From Edmdonton looking at the triangular divider at corners to funnel one-way traffic up Edmonton from both directions.

This is from Carlton St showing the limited parking on the opposite side now between widened corner curbs towards Edmonton St.

"Temporary"???  Okay if you say so!!!

This is from the once continuous parking lane along the riverbank side of Assiniboine Ave which will now be the bike, rollerblade, skateboard lane!

Here's a closer look at the triangular curbs being put into the intersections.

Hmmmm I'm really wondering how the transit, garbage, fire/rescue and even moving/delivery trucks are going to maneuver around in this area in the future - never mind the huge street cleaning machinery???  Ohhh and the apartment behind me has many handicap residents that used to be picked up along the curb, well now they will have to be brought out into the traffic lane to board Handi Transit vehicles which open only on the right side - HUH???  Apparently this construction is supposed to reduce the traffic to a "calming" effect for residents???  I don't think so and neither do the businesses/residents living here!  Guess time will tell on how "drivers" adjust to these changes.


Judy said...

Well, it has obviously been too long since they let that guy plan any construction sites, so he had all these great ideas, and decided to use them all for you guys! Maybe they should have a little construction prgram every year...
PS There were a couple of egrets in the river this morning. I got called in to work, but I am hoping that some of them turn out...

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are out walking again....the spiky flowers(pink) with the little string bean type things hanging from them are cleome....they look fabulous planted
in a big round mass with other things in front...your scenic city is just lovely....i may have to come the spring or fall......!!!! kaethejean