Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Work Finally!!!

Okay, I've finally gotten to the stage that I've new pics to post and stories to blog about!!!  I was busy this summer with vacation leave and then five weeks of house and dogs sitting so my stitching time was kinda abbreviated.  Yes I did a lot of tatting of motifs and trims and stitching up of my two crazy patch round robin (CQ RR) blocks needed this month. 

First off I have two orders for postcards this summer - one is a CQd patch with a Friendship verse on it for my sister's quilting friend who's moving back south very soon.  It's finally finished and just posted so hopefully it arrives before they start to head home.  This one I added my tatted trim along with the beading, embroidery and charms.  My spider web is DMC metallic and the spider body is beaded with Edmar Lola rayon Bullion Knot legs and French Knot eyes.

While house sitting I started stitching up the 2010 Making Memories donation CQd block but didn't get far in embellishing.  I did tat an edging with a purple varigated and green cotton which turned out very nice along with my tatted dragonfly and butterflies and also found various laces and motifs for the block.  Today while over at my niece's for lunch and Banjo Bowl TV watching (not into football) I started anchoring the various trims in place.  Now I'm onto the embroidery stage for this block.

Once I got home I then finished stitching into place the centre motif (received as part of my 2009 motif swap within CQI - not sure who made it) with quilt batting within to pop it out some.  Now this "naked" block is ready for the Encrusted RR within CQI starting end of the month.  This is a heavily embellished RR which is the first of it's kind for me to participate in so I hope that I can do justice to everyone's blocks.  I know that I'll probably be asking some of the more experienced members within this group for some suggestions if I'm stuck (and this time ASAP and not let the block sit on my design wall to "talk" to me).  I want to keep this RR moving and not fall behind as mailing to the USA for some reason takes two weeks from here!

Okay that's it for today but I will blog again once I have more embellishments added to the Making Memories donation block.  Now it's back to finishing off the second postcard order and then more tatting and turning some of these into postcards for the Lace Display at the Viscount Cultural Centre, Neepawa, MB sometimes in October.  These have to be finished before September 24th for the Northern Lights Lacemakers retreat when items are handed over for this event.  Guess I have my nights all booked for the next few days!!!

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