Thursday, August 17, 2017

Feeling Thankful!

That Angela met me at the Thrift Store for their special 25% off sale and gave her advice on my selections to purchases.  I not only found a dress for my niece's wedding but found two others like new that I'm happy with and feel good in without needing any adjustments.  Like they were made for me!  So along with them I got a pair of brand new jeans, a jean blouse, tiny teapot sugar creamer set (Tina and Dianne) which I'd seen made into a sewing notions holder for beside your chair, stove broiler pan set like new, Hamilton Beach removable plates electric grill barely used that I'd been looking for for ages ($129+ new), a bag of embroidery threads, ice cube maker for skinny 4" cubes for my water bottle and a couple of stationary items.  All this for $67.50 and no killer taxes!!!

Then we went to Tim's for a late lunch n gab session and discuss plans for Wednesday's Greece sing along at the Park Theatre.  Both of us are looking forward to that along with Barb and my niece Pat!!!!

This one has a sheer beaded top.

This one has a folded gros grained ribbon empire waist.

This one is two times black checkerboard fabric.

Then supper with Linda and Patrick at Santa Lucia - I walked back home afterwards.  What a lovely end to a beautiful summer day - not so hot out walking - nice breeze.

Mine was whole wheat thin crust and still filling with side garden salad and lemon water.  I have half at home for two meals this weekend.  I'm going to check my BS 2 hrs after meal to see how it is compared to white regular crust with my ceasar cocktail.  WOW guess choosing wisely in moderation does work to allow me to enjoy my favourites.  It was only 7.2 - AWESOME! - instead of the usual 9.2 or 9.6 readings - 10 max.

Look 2 pizzas!

The bigger one was their's.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

This weekend!

I'm feeling relieved that Zero is recovering very nicely from his hip surgery and very content with his restrictive exercise.  And so is the younger Fred being sympathic and not chomping at the bit that his freedom is also restricted.  Yes I'm dogs sitting for the weekend.  When I got here I even beat Taunya and Zero came right to me with his tennis ball following me around till I asked if he wanted outside.  Promptly he walked to the patio door and stood patiently for me to leash him and out we went slowly while Fred trotted off on his own.  Zero came right back in with Fred following - well that was easier than I thought it would be!  But I can tell you l'm very happy he's not limping much at all whereas just before his surgery he was waddling painfully and sometimes slipping with that leg he hurt somehow.  I'm thinking another week or so and he'll be hard to hold back!  ☺☺☺



Iwas hungry and now tempted with my shrimp stirfry!  A little late after an ice cream bar treat earlier!  She shouldn't have told me she had a weakness and caved in and bought a box of them!

Saturday after looking after the dogs I dressed and headed out for my new planned walk myself.  It's been ages I walked to my 70's music so I'm sure I smiled lots along with a skip to my step!  See I started out at Grant Ave turned onto Park Blvd East and continued on Park Blvd North to Wellington Cres.  Then stretched my legs and headed back taking Park Blvd West and onto Park Blvd South before turning around to head back via Park Blvd East.  A total of 6.91 km in 1 hr 20 min @ 5.1 km/hr.  YEAH!!!

WOW I'm impressed with FB's selection from my pictures.  Thank you friends in your likes and comments on my postings!
The first is my first brown and blond lo n hi-lites, the second is in Sydney Australia,  the third is Facebook's artistic rendering of the first, the fourth is of my Sterling silver spoon bracelet and the last is my most recent cut taken at Ten Thousand Villages.

Today I left Zero and Fred just before lunch with their Mom on her way ETA 1:00ish and straight to Sadie and Mia till midnight or so.  Boy am I spoiled as I had lunch with June and Tom plus she got my supper ready too!  Also the girls have had their walk earlier and don't care to go outside in this heat.  I'll see maybe mid evening for a short walk.  In their picture I should have moved my water bottle aside - Mia is just peaking around it.  I gotta get out walking more and stop snacking - BADDDD!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mamma Mia @ Rainbow Stage

Feeling excited that tonight I'm going to Mamma Mia at Rainbow Stage, hopefully with my friend and niece.  I know it's overcast and raining but there is a roof over the theatre and viewing so hope the show goes on!  I don't think I've seen it or the play so another first in my life this year.

After a delicious meal at Santa Lucia with Pat and Barb we made our way to Rainbow Stage.  Now I've always parked outside of the park for events to be on the outside.  Well Barb thought I was crazy to do so and she guided me to the parking lot.  HA HA THE JOKE WAS ON US!  As we pulled in - there were two extra long lineups visible and as we drove into the parking lot there was another - seems even longer!  Then three rows in there's cars parked in the middle between the rows.  Now they are parking them like at the long stay airport parking.  OH NO THIS IS NOT FOR ME!!!  I quickly exited the lot - there was no way I was parking like this.  I did find a spot on the road on the way out and hope I'll beat the mass out!  MAMMA MIA is righto!!!!  Barb said, "That was just ridonkulous...thats gonna be a gong show when people go to leave....Mamma Mia".

Ahhh second song in and I lied as I've seen this movie with Meryl Streep as the Mom!!!!!  Go figure.  The three Dads were hidden in the loft or attic me thinks.  OH MAMMA MIA this is ABBAlicious!!!!  Ohhh my but that was entertaining!  I'm glad I got a discount price so I could treat Barb for her birthday - but this is one event worth the full ticket price.  All actors did an outstanding rendition in singing and acting!  We even drove out of there with no problem at all.  If Grease - The Sing Along - is half as good as tonight's event I'm going to be one happy girl enjoying an evening out with my friends!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Forks - Free Concerts during Canada Summer Games!

There's some awesome entertainment tonight here!  I've packed a picnic and hope to stay to the end but escape before the fireworks.

Faouzia from Carman MB

Royal Winnipeg Ballet

William Prince

Sierra Noble

Dang it they just announced lightning and rain in 15 minutes and if such materializes to evacuate in an orderly fashion.  After it passes the concert will resume.  CRAPPOLA!!!!!!

Guess it blew over as it calmed down and is lovely.  Concert continues.  Glad I brought my book as The Meanies aren't my music.  Wonder what Royal Canoe will be like.  Hmmm Royal Canoe isn't to my liking either.  And someone near me has a stinky smoke going on too.  Can I endure another set before my favourite along with the symphony preform?  Ohhhhh hope I make it through this noise.  My chest is vibrating from the beat etc.  Not good but I also want to hear the last group and the symphony!!!!

Crash Test Dummies and Winnipeg Symphony orchestra - now this is music to my ears!

They did the Tarzan Superman one.  I liked even the other songs too and especially with the symphony accompanying.

Even the parkade is loaded - what a view I bet!  And the grounds!

Fireworks started from Shaw Park just as the concert ended.  So no quick escape before!  Here's some of my better shots.

I know this isn't a great shot but I love the red with the Human Rights Museum.

And a green one to end it for me!  Lovely!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Farewell my Newly Found Friend!

This is Tina's last night and I thought it would be nice if I took Tina up to see the sights from the Sky Lounge just at the revolving restaurant.  I was disappointed as years ago the lounge was just above the restaurant and was also revolving - now it's in a side room below and faces north only.  Anyways we went up to the restaurant Prairie 360 and asked if we could just have an appetizer or dessert with coffee so I could show my NB friend our city at night!  They said no problem and we had a great time before we walked back to my apartment to get the car.  On the way back to her hotel Tina too got a picture of the Legislative Bldg signage.

Tina with creme brulee and Spanish Coffee.

Me with croquembouche and B52 coffee without the Grand Marnier
- gave one pastry to Tina.

We both had fun picture taking
and FaceBooking!

The end to a lovely evening with Tina.

I spy a dancing teddy bear or hippo in the sky!

Celebrating the 50th Summer Games!

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Friday - Row'd Trip'n and Movie Night with Friends

Tina is visiting the Canada Summer Games here and fitting in some Row by Rowing with Manitoba friends.  Today I gathered Tina along with my quilting friends Edna and Dianne for some Row'd Trip'n as Tina calls it.  We first stopped off in Niverville and Audrey took our first group picture.

Then off we went to OMA's in Grunthal.  We had a bit of a holdup and I totally forgot to arrange for a picture outside the shop!
Tina's photo.

Then we headed across southern Manitoba to Winkler for our first stop for refueling at Gingerwood Lane for awesome healthy homemade food even down to the bread!

Then to Fabricland here which is somehow different and more appealing than the Winnipeg shops.  After that to Road 17 N for quilt shopping!
Tina's photo.

Now a short jaunt dodging rain showers to Quilters Den in Morden.
Tina's photo. 

And luckily as leaving Morden the heavy clouds opened up pouring behind us on our way to Kathy's Fabrics in Carman.
Tina's photo. 

Thanks Kathy for showing this. 

Then back into the car for the last leg of the roundabout trip to Winnipeg and supper at Olive Garden.  As we sat down it started to rain again but not for long.  Apparently they are not out east and Tina was very glad I suggested it.  No problen as I LOVE and crave their salads!

I then dropped off Tina and Edna and Bruce picked up Dianne at my place as I was a might delayed for my Movie night at the Lyric at Assiniboine Park with Angela and Bruce.  Thanks for the popcorn Angela!  La La Land was an OK movie, loved the music, but got scared a number of times that I screamed and jumped too.  Angela just chuckled.  HMMM!  Then finally 11:30 pm heading home exhausted.  As I passed the Legislative Bldg I saw for the first time the projected sign.  So out I ventured for a walk to take a number of pictures.  I'm definitely going to have a lazy day tomorrow!!!!!