Thursday, June 10, 2021

Catchup - June 7th-10th

June 7th

Okay, I patiently waited the 6 weeks and no sign of window installation! AND after this past week I'm not waiting anymore! I put in my window connected AC in record time this year! Already at 10am it's 85F and it's a cooler morning! It's on full blast and will see how long it takes to cool this oven down. AND watch I'll get the notice the windows are coming in three days time!!! THEN to figure out how I can use my AC again! DAYS like these I want fall or mild winter back!!!!!

Damn, damn, damn, why couldn't Covid have gotten rid of these pests???? Canker worms are out now! SHIT!!!! Long skinny green hanging by a thread from the trees. Leaves will all be gone in a couple weeks. UGH!

June 8th

WOW WOW WOW, how I'd like to partake in this retreat! I've lots of doilies, just get some plans in action!

Vintage Linens Quilting Retreat

June 9th

And I didn't even see the spelling error till it was pointed out!!!

Hmmmm I dropped into Tall Grass Prairie for a cinnamon bun and came out with bison chili, raspberry bannock and a couple cookies too! Will see what it's like! Well it was "Chili" with a bit more kick than I like and yes Dale I forgot to add a dollop of sour cream until just about finished! DUH!!!!

June 10th

It's been delivered and even took a full picture!

Finally I've made my hanger more stationary with a hanger stitched to the hem and a suction cup!  See the taping to the window lasted two days!

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