Thursday, June 24, 2021

Catchup - June 20th-24th

June 20th

Now this is HEAVEN in my books!!!! A coolish overcast summer morning with a slight breeze and breakfast on the deck! I definitely have to find an apartment with an east facing balcony!!! 😇

June 21st

BOY was I ever glad I got mail today!!! Thank you Berel from our PFA group, for the very lovely CQd forget me nots (Alaskan flower) greeting card! I can tell you it won't be sent to anyone, I'm keeping it for myself! 💖

And she thought she was late and sent me a lovely greeting card kit too! Which I did not think was necessary! But thank you very much!

And finally I finished off my friend's requested fitted masks, I hope these work out for the family! The pattern is adult sized and she wanted one large so I enlarged the pattern, but not sure if correctly! Guess I'll find out as I mentioned I'd fix if necessary!

June 22nd

Well my tester first block worked out perfectly to a 10.5" block! Now I can add the whites to all my nature I Spy blocks, then the corresponding nature sashings. 

THEN it's to figure out whether I do a one colour sashing between blocks or leave it scrappy with an awesome nature border! Not really the Medicine Wheel colours but they are in there subtlely. I'm totally enjoying playing!

June 24th

What about a beautiful day, breakfast outside and the view out my sewing room window, but thankful the AC is on inside!!!!

Today I just may finish off my altered Square in a Square blocks for my donation quilt to an Indigenous child from our MPQ guild!

Okay this is just dumb! Who packs up to go sew at a friend's place and doesn't bring extra thread??? DUH, me!!! Lucky a fabric store is just 4 blocks away for a quick pick up!!!

Well all the blocks (left over fabrics from Taunya's nature duvet and more) are sewn and kinda placed for my nature I Spy quilt, may be switched around some before sewing up. I don't think I'll put a sashing in between the rows. Just that brown/blue fabric I found in my stash to fill in triangles and a 2" border around. I'm also too tired to figure out what size it'll be - finished block size is 10". This is for our Guild's call for quilts for Indigenous children here in Winnipeg/Manitoba.

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