Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Catchup May 16th-18th

May 16th

I really appreciate my love of various hobbies that help keep me grounded through life. Today I've taken a break from masks and tatted up one of the many requested angels. This time using Lizbeth size 20, colour 325, Gem Stone using white pearls!  Unfortunately I made a slight mistake so this one will be my own decoration!  😉🤗😍

And here is the corrected one with glass beads, I like this one better!

Well my elastic order arrived Wednesday evening, not exactly what I thought I was getting, but doable I think.  So yesterday was a mad day to get both A1 Nutrition masks completed and delivered supposedly noonish, but apartment living interfered some. 

Then back home to finish off Chez Adele's order and my hair appointment.  Then I did nothing that evening.

May 17th

Oooohhhhhh I'm so happy to see the Canada duvet cover (I'd made for her) on the bed and Bubba too!  It was a lovely surprise from Taunya this morning!  💞💞💞

Taunya said, "It was a pose picture just for you on an awesome background 🤩💞 Bearly had it on for a chilly night.... wowzha WARMness!! The wool batting will keep you warm (hot) - amazing, I loved it 🤗😁  And looks so AMAZING!!  🤩🤩"

I swear these masks are gonna do me in!!!!   😢 It's bad enough my fingers are dodging the hot iron or the hot steam but now it's my abdomen!  Yeppers and so bad it's red and blistered and 2 hours later still stinging even with an ice pack strapped on!  SHEESH!!!!  I'm having a drink and feet up!!!

So very sad!   Snowbirds/

May 18th

Things have definitely calmed down overnight and the blister shrunk but tender.  All is good today!  And I love my new do!  It feels AWESOME and fast easy care again!

OMGG it was frightening at first but awesomes afterwards!  😍  See our two cars just turned the corner, approaching train tracks and the car ahead stopped dead, no flashing lights so I wondered what the heck!!!  Then there was a goose waddling past the car, then 8 fluffy yellow tiny goslings, then another adult goose! No I didnt stop to get a picture.  🤔  My first sighting of the year!  Guess I better keep an eye out and beware!

Well I accomplished sewing up 13 more masks for orders and even pleated them without even a finger burn this time!  Yesterday's burn has blistered and will keep an eye on it alongwith triple action polysporin.  Now it's feet up and relaxing!  Tomorrow is my first Chiro appointment since February, can't wait, long overdue!

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ChristineAtAlchemyStitchery said...

Hello! I'm a fellow tatter, and just came across your blog today.

Your face masks look great. I've only made a few so far. Can you please share some construction details? Are you using wire for the nose area? If so, what type? Are you using multiple layers of fabric? Interfacing? Also, is the pattern available online? Thanks!