Friday, July 19, 2019

Kinda Quiet Week

July 16th

Found this on Cdnquiltswappers.

Well I'm finally at PanAm Physiotherapy having my sciatic pain assessed.  Ooohhhh stupid me!  I went to visit Auntie Adeline and kicked my permanently fat baby toe into her wheelchair stopper and think it's sprained or broken once again!  Dang toe is gonna fall off one of these hard knocks!  Then I walked home from Riverview before the bus passed me in Osborne village - 4.5 km in 55 min. 

July 17th

That really hurts today and I'm walking again but slowly running errands.   SHEESH!!!

OMGG I think I'm gonna go nutso sooner than later!  🤯  Not only am I worrying about another vehicle, but I've just picked my European River Cruise for next year and the travel agent is checking into it!  Glad my trip to Mississauga was booked with Airmiles before all this happened!  So my trip to the bank for the CRV and cruise sounds promising!  WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?   😜

July 19th

We're out and about again at Banh Mi King Vietnamese Restaurant, chauffeuring compliments of Dianne.  OK I know I took a picture of our half eaten shared ice cream dessert compliments of Jeanette but it's not here! 🤨

I finally made a decision and made a deposit today for my celebration of my 65th next year!  I've picked the European River Avalon Cruise that starts with two nights in Paris then a fast train to the port to board the ship!  That's seven nights cruising north to Amsterdam and hopefully a number of days there with Margreet before heading back home.  WOW!!!

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