Sunday, October 02, 2011

First Van Road Trip

All I can say is the view from the smoothly running van was just awesome - I LOVE FALL - BUT dummy here was struggling with the speed control all the way to Falcon Lake when she realized - DUH I have "cruise control" - but too late as I'd entered the curves and hills going into Ontario.

Yeppers off I went for a week's vacation to visit Sylvia and Len but I warned BABE that she was only going for a visit she was not staying there!  Her home was with me in the city now!  My brother-in-law just chuckled but did say he missed the van very much.  Oh well!!!

Usually when I go out there I have a very relaxing visit with lots of fresh air, good food and awesome company along with lots of sewing!  WELL this was not so this time around as Sylvia's blood test once again showed her thyroid acting up so back and forth we went that week for Dr. and blood test appts.  Kinda worrying it was. 

BUT we did get a side trip in to Sioux Lookout to check out this quilting retreat that Dori's Sewing Studio just offerred out to Osprey Island (yeppers by pontoon boat) and also visit Serenity Quilts (owner remembered Sylvia from last year's visit).  And yes Sylvia and I are going to go to it next year.  I'm not keen on that boat trip after seeing pics of this years retreat and the rough lake but they said it's safe!!!  Sylvia has always wondered if I'd go to a retreat with her either out east or down south instead of her travelling into Winnipeg and then venturing to retreats either in Manitoba or out West.  Guess now's the time!  The Lodge is just awesome and can fit 12, maybe 14 quilters and the food was awesome and they said they had a great time!  WOW!

Then Friday when I was heading back to Winnipeg Sylvia and Len were heading back to Dryden for more tests and then Sunday off to Thunder Bay for tests for both of them.  SHEESH!!!  Well on Thursday TB called Sylvia to say her thyroid tests are all normal and Dryden called to say her blood test was normal too so not sure what the glitch was in the previous one but we are all relieved!  She feels and looks so much better and is back into her quilting mood so that confirms she's feeling better too!!!  Now to await Len's results and see if his back problems can be relieved some - would be great news!!!

Needless to say once I reached Manitoba border and the flatter highway, on went the cruise for a more relaxing ride.  Gosh I could have had many speeding tickets on my way there I can tell you!  Yep I felt like I was in LUXURY compared to my old "bomb" as the girls call the Pontiac Parisienne - one more road trip in her and then she'll be retired!

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