Friday, September 16, 2011

Road Trip?

OMGG I think I’m so tired from all my various stitching etc that I’m getting giddy with joy and anticipation of my very first “all alone” road trip with my newer vehicle – the BABE!!! Gosh will I make it to tomorrow afternoon for departure – better remember my sunflower seeds me thinks???

All the new stuff to play with again (it’s been like 5 years since the Charger had some of these “toys” that to many think of as every day necessities)!!!

1. No more for sure worries about breakdowns on the road – the BABE is in great shape!
2. Windshield wipers (rear too) and washer that work
3. Emergency brake that works
4. All the doors can be used and electronically too
5. Windows all work electronically too and won’t fall out when rolled down
6. Reminder that gas level is low – WOW wasn’t expecting this one – yes I filled up LOL
7. Storage without gas odours
8. AC that works
9. Radio that works and a CD player too – no more hand held jobbies and endless batteries or earbuds that wear out or sore ears (only had one in)!!!
10. Van is higher than a car and visibility is great – also smaller than my BOMB so easier to park - also better gas mileage too
11. And best of all I can have passengers for future road trips instead of worrying that we might have to walk if something happens.

OH MY I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!!! Except please Lord don’t take me yet, I have a zillion quilting projects to sew up yet and many more road trips to make!!! Thank you Sylvia & Len and Daddy too! See the last of his estate gifts made this purchase possible!

Hmmm I just thought of something, maybe instead of an Angel for my mirror decoration I should have a Fish – Dad loved to go fishing!!!  I've put a stained glass Snowman for now but that could easily be a Christmas tree ornament - added to my collection!

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