Saturday, September 03, 2011

YEAH New Wheels!!!

Well quess it's Good Bye to my bruised and slightly battered 1982 Pontiac Parisienne that I was to only have for two years (kept more like 5 years) before moving up to the 1990s and a mid-sized compact of some kind.  AND Hello Babe (bAb) to my newly acquired 2003 Pontiac Montana (which I've always enjoyed driving for them), just bought off my sister Sylvia and hubby who naturally bought another vehicle today!

Now I can tell you that it was with much JOY to look forward to having this vehicle sometimes soon, but yesterday after much car shopping they came back sore and disheartened and told me they had decided to keep their van, especially now that it was safetied and I was told it's a great little van and I should save a bundle just on the gas difference.  Well that definitely was not something I thought would happen, a delay until they found a vehicle yes, not a mind changing decision.  I tried to keep a calm face and accept their decision.  After awhile I found out it was a JOKE on me as they already had picked out their vehicle just had to finalize the deal.  Well it was a JOKE backfired on them and left me very upset and kinda ruined my happiness in finally owning it.

So yes we got the registration changed, my car parked until I can get a transfer permit and haul it away for salvage.  It took all afternoon before it kicked in that I'm now the proud owner of a newer better running vehicle for hopefully a number of years to come!!!  Yes, lots better and I even picked up Florence to take pics of me and Babe!!!  Now my racing heart has changed from despair to joy and hope it stays for a while!!!


Linda Mullen said...

Wow, congrats my dear, you look soooo happy. I am very happy for you.

Judy said...

You do look happy! The Babe is truly gorgeous! And I don't see any rust at all!