Friday, September 16, 2011

Framed Art Piece Completed!

I was given the honour of stitching up one of my fabric postcard images into a picture for one of our Dept's All Charities Silent Auction baskets.  WOW WEE!!!  Now my postcards are naturally 4x6 inch so I suggested to the colleague to purchase a frame to hold a 5x7 inch picture and preferrably a shadow box type of frame.  This also was not an expensive one as everyone's preferences of frames for their home/office are different so we compromised and chose something that can be discarded but yet looked good with the image. 

The one thing I did change was that I added in a lace table runner to add some elegance to the art.  The cups were from a fabric I picked up ages ago and where embellished with silver lined beads and DMC metallic thread before adding a layer of batting and then appliqueing onto the background (a piece of upholstery fabric I still have left over from my girlfriend's remodelling days).  And lo and behold I had TWO teaspoons in my stash - talk about LUCKY!!!  OKAY I'll quit talking and show you the pictures!!!

My original postcard - 4x6 in

5 x 7 fabric art

Shadow box framed fabric art

So needless to say I've left money and my choices and the girls will be making out my tickets and dropping them into the appropriate draw buckets for me as I won't be in attendance for this Deptmental event.  Won't that be something to be the lucky winner of the Tea for Two basket!!!

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