Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Finished - On Time TOO!!!

OK these are lovely blocks Lorrie but I find it hard to concentrate on “sewing themes” with the lovely butterfly and dragonfly fabrics. To me this is more for a pastel garden theme but I did sort myself on the proper road!!! I knew there was no doubt about it but tat the butterfly trim (after many false attempts – I persevered). Then while collecting sewing themes online, catalogues and friends I got started.

First the Joint Block (blogged previously): I did a sort of redwork motif with off white floss on the dark purple patch – slightly different layout than the original image. This patch I wanted a “pins & needles” for a seam treatment and came up with the herringbone stitch with Colonial knots strategically placed to resemble a stick pin border. Then the small triangular 3-patch was the dilemma again but our own Kerry gave me the needle, thread and threader idea and I used her raised Fishbone BAS stitch and VOILA – all finished.

Now to work on my whole block: Yes I had mapped out my plans on paper and then just had to carry it through.

As you can see I continued the butterfly tatted trim and overstitched with DMC metallic threads the centre large butterfly and added three heart buttons. I also thank Lorrie for the charms as mine are very limited as yet. Right after I finished the joint block I started on the corset (?) to appliqué in place – HARD!!! Then came the velvet pin cushion and scattered pins and thimble sewn in place. I then sewed the scissors in place and decided they needed a lanyard so off I was braiding some #5 DMC and just looped and stitched in place. Then I found a plastic thread half button and cut off the shank and wrapped matching thread around and stitched in place. I also carried the thread through to meander over a couple of patches and finally into a needle – also scattered pins. I added some sewing words and last was fighting with making the baby button jar. I had the idea but sure struggled trying to make it! A few seam treatments and I think it’s finished!

Body form n spool of thread

Button jar

Butterfly fabric enhanced
Pin cushion n pins

Scissor charm n braided lanyard

Hope Lorrie likes it as much as I do – also a co-worker said I HAVE to keep this it’s a treasure and make another to send away!!! NO WAY JOSE!!!


Wilma said...

Wonderful work Rose Ann, love the little button jar!

Quayceetatter said...

Lots of beautiful work on this block!! The button jar is very interesting and love the tatted butterfly trim. Nice job.
Linda in NM

DeeDee said...

this is a precious block.. so wish it was coming my way.... :D