Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's New?

Well I've nothing basically new except for the fact that I had a LOVELY Lace Days event with my friends and then moved back to my apartment after a week of house/dogs sitting.  I can tell you the mouse situation seems a little better but I don't think I've gotten rid of it totally, but seems the holes under the heat registers have been blocked so hopefully no new visitors.  Just gotta get rid of whatever is here.

Sunday my friend came with me out for a quick lunch and some shopping, we ended up at Winners and she convinced me to buy this lovely off-white leather storage type footstool.  It's only 12" high which is what I wanted but why so light coloured!!!  Oh well, and like Florence said I can always put a piece of fabric over it, so I bought it, took her home and promptly set to attaching the short legs.  YEAH RIGHT!!!  The first set screwed in no problemo!  It took me the fourth failed attempt of the second set of screws to realize someone did not align the holes properly.  GRRRRRR!!!!  So back to Winners on Monday and was given a 24% price adjustment and then I drove over to my friend's and begged him to please redrill the footstool to match the leg holes.  So soon I'll have a proper footstool that I can store my stitching threads next to my stitching chair!!!  YAHOOIE!!!

Now with the interrupted sleep nightly and the work demands lately, I kinda on meltdown these days and trying to keep a tight lid on my emotions.  Some days it is working others not - today was one of them - BUT I'm not having an explosion like in the OLD DAYS!!!  And after a very comfortable chat with my Manager I did feel better and going home for lunch helped too. 

Then coming home, doing two loads of laundry and once again moved all my sewing paraphenalia from the closet side of the room over to the window side definitely helped to defuse some of the anxiety.  So just to give the closet a good scrubbing, I'll be ready for my friend to install the lovely shelving unit he built for me.  Yep my own custom fitted closet shelves to hold my plastic tubs on three shelves - saving me the wasted energy of pulling everything out to get to the bottom bin in the future!!!  YEAH!!!

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Anonymous said...

Way to Go! My closet needs redoing as well. good tips. Jf